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the Regular Version will satisfy many of you.

It will...

  • Lead you by the hand to get you started with no hassle. The help screens are great. Our software was designed with ease of use in mind. We have lots of features that are there just to save you typing and mistakes.
  • Print checks from your customers whether the check info came from your web site, email, fax, or by phone. You type the check info into our software then print and deposit the checks.
  • Print checks to pay your monthly bills. Our software will even keep track of check numbers for you in the PRO version.
  • Print checks for your own accounts so you don't have to buy blank checks anymore
  • Print checks one at a time or by date or by batch. It's easy to recover if your printer jams or runs out of ink or toner.
  • Easily locate any check for viewing or re-printing as needed - or for copying so that all you have to type when you get an order from an old customer is the new check number, amount, and maybe the check memo
  • Our software has an on-screen calculator for when you need to caclulate an amount due. The calculations will even show up in the printed check memo so your customer or creditor can see what the check is for.
  • Verify bank numbers to make it very difficult for anyone to pass you a bad check. However, as nice as this feature is, it does not compare with the complete bank database included with the PRO version!

CHECKER 3.0 PRO will satisfy all of you. 

In addition to doing everything the regular version does, it will...

  • Our PRO Version contains a complete bank database with almost 34000 banks! Most have phone number so you can call and verify funds if you wish. This will save typing during check data entry and will help you to avoid errors and fraud. You can export your bank database to a comma delimited text file so it can be accessed by other software.
  • Save an average of 10 minutes of typing because you don't have to type the check info or the order confirmation.
  • Import check info from email or from a form on your web site so you can print and deposit the checks without even typing them into the software. A form that you can modify and use on your own web site is included with the software.
  • Send personal email confirmations to your customers - automatically. You can type a letter once and our software will personalize it and use as often as you like. Your customer will never know it was a form letter. Your customer service has never been so easy and so good!
  • Print monthly payments automatically - whether you're collecting the payments or paying 'em. When you type in the check info, a click will tell our software to print that check every month for the amount you want and on the day of the month you want. Repeating checks (AutoPay we call it) can also be printed weekly, or whenever you need them.
  • Import and export check information between other programs like Quicken, Excel, Access, etc.
  • Print deposit summaries and endorse the backs of checks so you can prepare even a large bank deposit quickly. The deposit summaries are very flexible and can be used to give you a variety of reports.
  • Maintain a customer database which will...
    • Make it easier to enter checks - especially checks from an existing customer
    • Let you "talk" to your customers by email or fax - including automated confirmations
    • Let you keep track of sales by customer
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