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  • The PRO Version With Support Package includes unlimited support for 90 days. We stick with you until you get your WEB site and our software working together to take advantage of our PRO version's automated E-Commerce features. If you intend to use these features and if your computer and HTML skills are limited, you need this package! Please note that if you buy the PRO version without the support package, you will still get all the support you need. This option is never required, but we hope that if you intend or expect to take a lot of our time for support, or if you later find that you need more of our time than you anticipated, that you will feel better about paying this nominal amount for out time.
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Checker PRO & US Bank Database - $99.99
Checker REGULAR - $49.99
3.0 PRO with support pack & US Bank Database - $149.99 Use this option if you expect to use more than 1 hour of my support time (including phone and Email support) setting up 3.0 PRO to work with your web site. Most people will not need this option.

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