Checker Software Overview and Illustrated, Narrated Tour

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Get Familiar with the Sound Control

To view and hear this page, we recommend the Windows Media Player included with Internet Explorer or the free Crescendo player for either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

If you don't see a "Sound Control Panel" to the left of this paragraph,
please click here to download the free Crescendo player.

(You will normally download the 1-meg application file to:
c:\program files\netscape\communicator\program\plugins\
You will NOT have to reboot your computer after installation.)

Welcome to the tour. You'll be hearing my voice from here on and I wanted to break
you in with a little gentle music to get you familiar with the sound control panel.

When you see the media control panel and hear the music,

click on the small controls on the panel to see what each of them do.
Be sure to lower the volume if you are going to leave the background music playing during the tour.

RIGHT click anywhere on the panel to see more options.

It's OK to take this tour without sound. You'll just have to read a little more carefully.

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