1 minute overview
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Checker prints checks. That's it's main purpose.

Unless otherwise noted, both the Regular and PRO versions will do all of the following:
  1. Print Checks from your customers ready to be deposited immediately. This is the purpose for which most people buy Checker software. The information needed to print customers' checks comes to you...
    • by phone or fax and you type it into Checker - or it comes to you...
    • by email or from a form on your web site - and...
      • you type it into Checker - OR
      • you use the PRO version's automatic import features to import the check information into Checker with no typing (PRO version only)
  2. Print Checks all made out and ready to send off to pay your bills. This procedure is almost exactly like printing customers' checks for deposit except that you are the payor and someone else is the payee. It is not at all like printing blank checks. This is an incidental use of Checker software for most people. Bill paying will be covered near the end of the tour after you already know how to enter and print customers checks.
  3. Print Blank Checks for you to use when you shop. You can print a few or hundreds or thousands at a time. For most people, this is also an incidental use of Checker software.
  4. Copied checks which are one-time duplicates of earlier checks. They are created with very little typing by selecting from the browse checks screen a check to be copied then clicking the "Copy" button. Then all you need to type are items that need to be different from the original check - items like the check number, date, amount, and possibly the check memo. This feature is seldom used in the PRO version, but can be used in the Regular version to simulate AutoPay described above. If you do use the copy feature for that purpose, you will have to remember every single customer or creditor and every single check that needs to be copied each month. The PRO version AutoPay feature remembers all that for you.
  5. Print AutoPay Checks - checks from customers or checks to pay bills - these are copies of checks that were typed or imported into Checker earlier and were designated to be AutoPay checks or periodic repeating checks which usually repeat monthly (PRO version only). When you type or import a new check and designate it as AutoPay, you are finished. You never need to remember these checks unless you need to modify the due date or the amount. Checker will remember to print these checks at the correct time.

This tour will cover items 1-3 above in order. Items 4 and 5 will not be covered separately, but will be mentioned wherever they "fit".

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