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I will give up to 3 Email addresses on request for people who have given the testimonials below. Please specify the names and dates. Click here to send requests to me by Email.

When you contact them, please quote the testimonial and the date they sent it to me by Email, then ask them anything you'd like. I can not guarantee the accuracy of the Email address I have, but if any of the three are bad, I will replace them with others at your request.

Sharon Smith:
Dear Bob, Hello! I am a customer of yours. I am the one who has a Tanning Salon in CA We love Your check program. In November I wanted to try and expand my "membership tanning" program. I only had 7 clients on the program at the time. Today we have 85 clients on the monthly progam and we use Your software to control our own program!

Lilian Wolfe:
I got the form to work! It's great! I love it! I got 2 real on-line checks today and what a difference! Even put the ebay item# on the Memo!

Howard Sherman:
...By the way, you can add my testimonial if you wish - Yours is BY FAR the simplest check-by-phone program I have seen, and EVERYONE I have sold it to says exactly the same thing! Thanks for writing such a user friendly program!

Trent Mikesell:
...worked perfectly Thank you for the quick help. The support you give your product is above all I've experienced. Microsoft could learn a lot from you.

Bruce Gleason:
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your software program. Since we purchased it in 1998 your software has become the mainstay of our accounts receivable billing. The ability to produce pre-authorized checks insures on time payments every time and saves us countless hours of invoicing. We had tried other so called check programs before but yours is the hands down winner. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Howard Crawford:
Best of all ...... I got the form to work properly on only my second attempt. I had a typo. That in itself is a record for me... The first and only other order form I ever created took me about 50 hours. I'm sure my success was due mostly to the ground work you did. Thanks!! Note from Bob Stratton: Howard is not a computer whiz and he implemented the most complex features of your PRO version with very little help from me.

Bob Newton:
Printed the first batch of checks using your click by click method---- Slick! ...You have been a joy to work with... I honestly believe that your original pricing of only $xx.xx... gave people the perception that this was a small...program. Little did they realize the power of your program... At least the one that takes it directly off the Internet... WOW!

Randy Donath:
I reloaded the software yesterday and reprinted the check. Everything printed fine. Thanks! PS. I took the check to the bank this afternoon and deposited it with absolutely no problem. The clerk didn't even look twice at the check.

Hank Lindgren:
...I'm sure this program is going to be a great help! Thanks for all the help and I'll be telling other people about your program and where to get it! Thanks again.

Terry Allen:
Thank you for such a perfect piece of software work! This has been the biggest single market advantage additive to my business in the past decade. I really appreciate your efforts.

Art Lehr:
I had already configured and adjusted the check parameters to my laser printer and now the whole thing works slick... I appreciate all the time you took working with me... It's a wonderful program that I'm sure you're proud of. The check I faxed you cleared my bank so I know you're straight up on the banks' acceptance policies. Thanks again.

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